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Download the Revolve Pizza Oven manual. The manual has instructions for care and troubleshooting issues with the Revolve Pizza Oven. You can also see some frequently asked questions.


Icon for questionWhy Revolve instead of Ooni, Gozney, or other pizza oven brands?

First of all, we have nothing but love and admiration for our friends at Ooni and Gozney. The world is a better place when more people are cooking great pizza. Here at Revolve, we have specifically looked at what we can do to encourage more people into the hobby.

By creating an oven that takes away one of the key deterrents - namely the turning of the pizza in tight spaces, we believe we have been able to create a superior oven that lowers the learning curve and frustration in pizza making.

Icon for questionWhat are the benefits of a rotating pizza stone?

There are several benefits to our innovative revolving design. Firstly, the rotating stone helps to ensure that during preheating, the temperature of the stone heats up more evenly. In other portable ovens, there is a larger gradient of heat between the front and the back of the oven.

Secondly, the rotating stone helps you turn the pizza as it cooks. As the heat source is at the back of the oven, if you don’t rotate the pizza, one side will burn, and the other will remain uncooked. Rotating pizza in a small portable pizza oven is a difficult skill that results in frustration and burnt pizza.

The rotating stone also means you can cook hands-free, allowing you the freedom to prepare your next pizza or relax and socialize with friends.

Finally, any holes you may have in your pizza will not get bigger from manual turning during the cooking process.

Icon for questionIs Revolve Portable?

Yes! With the use of our carry case, the Revolve is definitely portable. Given its weight, you may not be taking it out for a hike but by all means, you can load it into your car and whisk it away for a romantic weekend!

Icon for questionCan I cook something else than pizza with The Revolve Pizza Oven?

A resounding yes! Revolve is great for making all kinds of dishes. Think roast veggies, roast meats, burgers, wings, sides, stews, pies & crumbles. The list is endless. What makes the Revolve even better is that the revolving stone enables all dishes to cook evenly without turning your pans around - quite tricky in a tight space at high heat. Check out our cast iron range of accessories for the perfect pans to use in the Revolve.

Icon for questionCan I use Revolve Indoors?

The Revolve Pizza Oven is a gas-powered outdoor pizza oven and should not be used indoors.

Icon for questionHow hot does Revolve Get?

The high-power gas burner can heat up to 500°C or 930°F. Cooking in the Revolve for a prolonged period of time does result in the outside of the oven getting hot. Users are reminded to take all necessary precautions, especially with young children in attendance, to avoid touching the outside of the oven whilst in use. Allow the oven to cool completely before attempting to pick up or move the oven.

Icon for questionWhat Fuel does the revolve use?

Revolve uses liquid propane gas for fuel, readily available in most hardware stores and gas suppliers. Revolve uses a standard connector that connects easily with most gas bottles.

Icon for questionIs Revolve easy to use

Revolve is designed to be plug-and-play. Simply take the oven out of the box, unfold the legs, pop in the stones, attach the motor, hook it up to the gas*, and away you go.

As for user-friendliness, this is where Revolve comes into its own. The rotating stone makes it easier to use than other portable pizza ovens on the market.

That being said, there will still be general pizza making teething problems everyone encounters when embarking on a new hobby. That is what all our troubleshooting and pizza making content is for. We encourage you to embrace the journey, document it, and watch as you go from strength to strength, one pizza at a time.

With Revolve, you’ll be the best pizzaiolo on the block in no time!


Icon for questionWhat size pizza can I cook with The revolve?

Short answer: 12-13". With Revolve, we have focused on designing a one-size-solves-all approach. When doing our research, we found that people prefer to cook 12" pizzas and want to try various flavors.

Icon for questionCan I cook Frozen Pizza With the Revolve?

We aren’t here to tell you what you can’t do. If that’s what you like then by all means use the Revolve to get your premade pineapple-laden pizzas nice and crispy! It may not be the best use of the Revolve, but who are we to judge?

Icon for questionWhat is a good Dough recipe for me to use?

Our very own pizzaiolo, Jamie Bilbow, has made several recipes for the Revolve Pizza HQ that feature doughs, toppings, and everything in between. Check our blog or Youtube channel for more details.

Icon for questionMy toppings are burning, what to do?

Controlling the heat balance in the oven is the key to successful pizza making. When you put a pizza into the Revolve, reduce to a low flame to ensure the base and the toppings cook evenly. In between cooking pizzas turn up the flame to the max in order to heat up the pizza stone.

Icon for questionThe bottom is not crispy, what to do?

While a true Neapolitan Neapolitan-style pizza is not through and through crispy and has a degree of springiness to it, if you feel your pizza is not crispy enough you can try the following tips:

Make sure the oven is hot enough when you start cooking your pizza. Measure the top of the pizza stone using an infrared thermometer.

If you really want a crispy bottom, you can lower the heat slightly and cook the pizza longer, for 100+ seconds. This will result in a crispier crust.


Icon for questionHow to set up The Revolve Pizza Oven

Revolve is designed to be plug and play. Simply take the oven out the box, unfold the legs, pop in the stones, attach the motor, hook it up to the gas and away you go.

Icon for questionHow to Clean the revolve pizza oven

One of the best things about the Revolve is that due to the high temperatures it can reach, the stone can essentially clean itself. After every session using your Revolve, I suggest you leave the fire on “HIGH” and cook off any debris for a good 10-15 minutes with the revolving function on. You’ll see it clean itself. Take our Revolve Oven
Brush and give it a light brush if there’s anything stubborn stuck to the base.

Another little tip, next time you use the oven, carefully swap the front and back stonearound. You’ll notice the back stone looks much cleaner as it has been closer to the heat source. Once swapped around, heat up the oven and you’ll see the old front stone will also clean up good as new.

Icon for questionHow to store Revolve

We designed the oven to withstand an outdoor environment, and the materials are of the highest quality. We recommend using our weather and UV-resistant fitted cover in order to protect the oven and keep it looking great for many years. Always allow the oven to fully cool down before putting the cover on.


Icon for questionWhere can I buy the Revolve Pizza Oven?

The Revolve Pizza Oven will be gradually available in different markets. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram to keep in touch with the news.

Icon for questionHow fast is the delivery?

The delivery time depends on the market and availability. You can check your exact delivery estimate at the checkout.

Icon for questionHow long is the warranty?

The Revolve Pizza Oven has a 24 month warranty for all parts and the frame.

Icon for questionI suspect my revolve is faulty, what to do?

Try to first troubleshoot issues using the manual or this FAQ page. If this does not help, contact our customer service using our contact form and describe the problem. Let us also know when and where you purchased your Revolve oven.

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Contact us using our contact form and tell us more about where and how you want to sell the Revolve and tell us more about your business.

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Give us more details and contact us either via our contact form.

Icon for questionDoes Revolve have an affiliate program?

Yes we do. We welcome partnerships to promote The Revolve, so contact us using Linktree and tell us more about your business.

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